Deutsches Plakat Forum e.V.

The Deutsche Plakat Forum e.V. is an active, non-profit organization of the German Poster Museum at Museum Folkwang. It has its origins in the circle of the museum's founding fathers, in which representatives of the city, the Folkwang-Schule and the economy worked together.

It is an assembly of friends of posters and the related creative reproductive and media-oriented professions.

Our tasks
We are a forum for everyone interested in posters.
We are friends of posters and enjoy the wide range of poster forms and colors.
We provide information about posters in all areas – in art, culture, advertising, sales promotions.
We improve cooperation between poster designers, producers and users.
We support the German Poster Museum in Essen with poster collections, exhibitions, study groups.
We are active in promoting the independence of posters vis-à-vis electronic media.
We are looking for new friends of posters.

Whether as a company or as an individual – everyone interested in posters is welcome as member of the Deutsche Plakat Forum.

You can decide on the amount of your annual membership fee yourself, but it should be no less than € 41 for an individual and € 310 for a company.

Text: Deutsches Plakat Forum e.V.

Deutsches Plakat Forum e.V.
Helga Krüger
Bocholder Straße 278
45356 Essen
Mobil +49 151 40444749
Fax +49 201 8655581

Members of the Board
Ulrich Müller-Poetz (Chairman)
Olaf Fuldner, Barbara Meyn, Thomas Ruhfus, Dr. Friedrich Schreiber, Ralf Zimmermann