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Christine Streuli

Until Spring 2019

Christine Streuli uses stencils, spray cans and a spray pistol on her canvasses and installations. Her multi-coloured, large-format pieces masterfully expand the boundaries of painting. She layers abstract patterns and schematic representational depictions in seemingly inexhaustible ways, including references to comic books as well as to the visual language of Pop Art in her compositions.

Christine Streuli has created an installation especially for Museum Folkwang. It is arranged around the new acquisition A Certain Smile a Certain Sadness. The enormous mural features strongly magnified, schematic brush strokes. Two large-format paintings are hung atop this mural; they follow an ornamental logic that stands in contrast to the macro-structure of the wall piece. In fact, the brush work returns in a different form in A Certain Smile a Certain Sadness. In Christine Streuli’s work, the brush mark becomes the subject matter itself while at the same time being negated, as the stencils for the mural are digitally generated. Through the use of multiple layers of patterns and structures Streuli has achieved an extreme sense of depth in both paintings, and the wall piece below them expands this effect by exceeding the boundaries of the panel painting. Christine Streuli’s painting takes possession of space in a grand gesture that truly mesmerizes the beholder.

This year, she was awarded the Fred Thieler Prize for painting for her exceptional artistic approach. She will be speaking to curator Anna Fricke about her conception of painting, her current work and her discursive reference points.

The painting A Certain Smile a Certain Sadness has been acquired by the Museum Folkwang Foundation and will be on permanent loan to the museum.




Christine Streuli
A Certain Smile a Certain Sadness, 2017
© Christine Streuli, Repro: Jens Ziehe, Berlin