Histories of a Collection

At Museum Folkwang, the changes and possibilities that a new collection presentation offers an institution are simultaneously linked to a debut in 2019: For the first time, provenance research has a firm place and is presented as an integral part of a long, rich and complex collection history. Among other things, a special collection room has been established in which research into the origins of sources and works will be highlighted: What is provenance research? Which topics does it address? What lies behind the key notions of Nazi looted art and the colonialism debate? Furthermore, the various facets of origin research are outlined intriguingly and with the use of examples against the background of various aspects of provenance research, including in individual object biographies that visitors encounter as they make their way through the rooms. For selected works in the collection presentation, provenance chains are presented showing the current status of investigations.

Accompanying publication: 
Histories of a Collection
Provenance Research at Museum Folkwang

Museum Folkwang (ed.)
With texts by Isabel Hufschmidt
80 pages
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The provenance research room

The provenance research room

Close up: What the objects relate

Close up with colour scale

Display cabinet with historical documents

Close up: Provenance research on non-European holdings

Provenance labels in the collection, with the example of Max Pechstein

Provenance labels in the collection, with the example of Lovis Corinth