User instructions for the

Museum Folkwang’s

"Online Collection"

With the relaunch of its web site in January 2010, the Museum Folkwang presents selected objects from its collection in an interactive online catalogue for the first time. 

This presentation of important works from all parts of the Museum Folkwang collection in the "Online Collection" will be continually expanded. Information provided for the selected works reflects the latest research. Especially in respect of a works provenance, new information may lead to changes.  

The "Online Collection" offers various possibilities of exploring the museum’s holdings. 

The "works" module reflects the six parts of the Museum Folkwang’s collection. The module begins with a selection of highlights. Apart from an overview, users can select the highlights of a particular part of the collection using one of the header’s filters. A sophisticated search page allows you to search the database using various criteria, alone or in combination. Information on the work, its artist, its provenance as well as a short introduction can be accessed. With lists or light boxes you can not only see your search results but also save the work in question in a portfolio for later viewing. Clicking the image or the title of the works takes you to a detailed view with more comprehensive information. 

To search specifically for the works of an artist, you can research in the ›artist‹ module. This has an alphabetic list of artists as well as a search page to enter various criteria. These results can also be saved in a portfolio. 

Groups of Works
In the "groups of works" section, related groups of works or focal points from the individual collections are shown. There is a filter in the header which shows all groups of works from selected collection. Unlike the descriptions of individual works, the ›works‹ module allows you to visualize and develop contexts.

A note concerning copyright
The Museum Folkwang has endeavoured to determine the copyright holders of published works. Unfortunately, in spite of intensive research, it has not always been possible to clearly determine all copyrights and publication rights. Please contact the Museum Folkwang if you are a copyright holder of one of the works in question.