Förderer der Fotografischen
Sammlung im Museum Folkwang e.V.

The Museum Folkwang is one of the few European museums of modern art to have recognized the importance of photography in the 1920’s and to have organized photographic exhibitions. At the end of the 1950’s, Otto Steinert revived the discussion of photographic imagery in Essen with his exhibition ‘Contributions to the History of Photography” and started to develop a collection at the Folkwangschule für Gestaltung. After Steinert’s death in 1978, the Museum Folkwang decided to establish a photography department and entrusted Ute Eskildsen with the task. Since then, photographic imagery has had a special place in the museum, in collecting, exhibiting and in the support of contemporary photographers. As part of this, the Förderverein der Fotografischen Sammlung im Museum Folkwang was established in 1999.

The aim of the association is primarily to support contemporary photographic work. Concentrating on international photography, the association would like to support a forum for young talents, allowing the Museum Folkwang greater flexibility in this area.  

Dr. Thomas Katzorke, Chairman

Annual membership fee for the Förderverein der Fotografische Sammlung is 500 Euros; Further contributions are welcome. Members are offered special events for every project of the photographic collection. Furthermore, the team of the photographic collections provides introductions to the collections. Excursions provide, moreover, contact with international photographers. The annual general meeting takes place during an exhibition and is accompanied by a guest lecture from an artist, critic or curator.

Member of the Bundesverband der Fördervereine Deutsche Museen für Bildende Kunst e.V.


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