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Your museum needs you!
As you know, the state today no longer has the funds available to provide the necessary and much wanted level of financing for the support of art and culture. The Museum Folkwang is no exception. One of the largest and most important German museums, it lacks the desired funds for optimal expansion and development. Only if it can rely on sufficient financial resources will the museum be able to grow, expand and maintain its collection, to host exhibitions, support educational work and promote research.

In order to best achieve these goals, the museum is now reliant on your support as a friend and patron. In this context, the Museum Folkwang Foundation offers you any many of forms of patronage, all of them tax advantageous. Possibilities range from donating money or contributions in kind to making a regular donation, from including the museum in your will to forming a trust fund on its behalf (see also possible support instruments.) In the case of larger donations, routing the money through the Foundation is entails particular benefits.

If you decide to support the museum by using one of these financial routes, you will be making a meaningful investment: an investment in the culture of our city and country.

As well as the related tax advantages, you will benefit from having done something which makes a lasting difference to the common good.

Our civil society depends on your support. We will be happy to advise and support you as regards donations or funding plans. Of course, we are not only looking for contributions of art work and collections – financial donations however small will make a meaningful difference.

We thank you for actively supporting us.

Dr. Andreas Urban
Chairman of the Board

New Building of the Museum Folkwang
Exhibition Room
© Museum Folkwang/NMFE GmbH,
Photo: Wolf Haug, 2011