Arriving by car from the

  • North (A 2, A 42), exit ‘Essen Gladbeck’ from the A2 or ‘Essen-Nord’ from the A 42, take the B 224 to Essen Zentrum then continue on to the Museum Folkwang (on the right)
  • South (A 52), exit ‘Essen-Rüttenscheid’, take the B 224 towards Essen Zentrum to the Museum Folkwang (on the left)
  • East/West (A 40), exit ‘Essen-Zentrum’ or ‘Essen-Holsterhausen’, take the B 224 towards Essen Zentrum to the Museum Folkwang (on the right)

Underground parking directly at Museum Folkwang is possible. Please remember that the parking places directly around the museum are almost all reserved for residents. Do check the signs. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed or towed at owner’s expense. We recommend using public parking garages and public transport (P+R)

Further underground parking garages close to the Museum Folkwang

P1 - Underground parking garage Hotel Mercure
P2 - Underground parking garage Philharmonie
P3 – Parking lot at Stadtgarten/Admiral-Scheer-Straße

Other parking lots in Essen can be found here:

Handicapped Parking
In and around the new Museum Folkwang handicapped parking is available. The Museum entrance and the exhibitions can be accessed from there without hindrance.

Bus Parking
In Kahrstraße bus parking places for drop offs and pick ups are available.

Public transport connections from Essen Central Railway Station (Hbf)

Underground lines
Take the 101, 107 and U11 lines in the direction of Bredeney/Messe Gruga and alight at Rüttenscheider Stern. From here there are signs directing you to Museum Folkwang (approx. 7 min. walk)

Walking via the Kulturpfad
15 min. walk from the Essen Main Station's south exit (follow the signs and then the luminous blue squares on the ground)