Otto Dix, Nelly in Blumen, 1924, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019


Discovering the Collection

In 24 rooms, each of which is devoted to a specific theme, the new presentation of the Museum Folkwang Collection takes a cross-media approach spanning various epochs to tell of the emergence of “New Worlds”. The most recent acquisitions, along with works never or rarely shown before, enter into previously unfamiliar and inspiring constellations with the masterpieces in the Collection. Painting and photography, sculpture and prints, world art and posters engage in dialog and combine to form the Folkwang-concept of the unity of the arts. From Rudolf Belling’s minute bonnet mascot for the Horch Automobile through to the larger-than-life sized Pinocchio sculpture group by Pop Art artist Jim Dine, from the Javanese shadow puppets of Wayang Kulit through to the provocative poster campaign Oliviero Toscani created for the Benetton label, the new presentation showcases the Collection’s diversity and richness – properties that make it so unique. And for those looking at favourite works, rare exhibits or new discoveries not only are “New Worlds” revealed but also new angles afforded on a long-standing Collection.