6 ½ Weeks

B A Briggs – Technoprancer

20 Aug. – 4 Oct. 2020

This exhibition gyrates and pivots from and around a book, titled Technoprancer. The publication and its presentation ask us to probe our awareness and sensory abilities, to seek out an awakened and attuned sense of being. There is power in deception, misdirection, and suggestibility, both positive and negative. Fluidity between worlds, other-dimensioning, and alternative histories have always been present. Our attention is key.

B A Briggs is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA.

To survive, humanity must open windows into the mind of the Technoprancer and enter into their world of in-betweens. Be forewarned, the Technoprancer is a necessary but dangerous and other-worldly force. At this moment, we must ask ourselves: does the survival of humanity actually require that its own existence not be hated or feared? This is a question about the meaning of oblivion. If we do not embrace the Technoprancer, we run the risk of continuing to lose out, perhaps inadvertently, on our best destiny. Perhaps oblivion is even the most effective antidote to our current state of operation, but it is also the most selfish. We must embrace the Technoprancer, realizing every gate we move through has a new presence, whatever its nature.

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Courtesy The Artist

Courtesy the Artist and the Future Faeries