6 ½ Weeks

Julius Bockelt – Phase Shifter

March 22 – May 6, 2018

In the series of exhibitions 6 ½ Weeks, Museum Folkwang is showing work by Julius Bockelt. Born in 1986, the artist has for more than ten years now been working on a piece that is constantly generated from the interplay of visual and acoustic questions and work processes. His musical experiments, in which he investigates interference and other complex sound phenomena, are closely connected with his multi-layered graphic oeuvre and vice versa. Bockelt works at Atelier Goldstein in Frankfurt and from this base he is involved in various projects and cooperative works with other artists and musicians.

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Performance with electronic music 
with Julius Bockelt and Achim Zepezauer

Friday, 6. 4. 2018, 7 p.m.

Julius Bockelt / Atelier Goldstein
Untitled, 2017
© Atelier Goldstein, Frankfurt a.M. 2018