6 ½ Weeks

Thomas Albdorf – MIRROR MIRROR

19 Sept. – 3 Nov. 2019

Working at the interface of photography and sculpture, Thomas Albdorf (born in 1986 in Linz, Austria) is interested above all in analog and post-photographic processes that lead to a photographic image. In part using cheap special effects, he creates shots that at first sight seem familiar and credible. Only on closer inspection do we notice the absences, the inconsistencies and the false claims. For example, if backgrounds are not real takes but purchased as stock images from online databases or were found on Google Street View. Or, if Albdorf simply hands over control of the image during its genesis to a computer software for a specific period of time and in this way explores new possibilities. For the “6 ½ Weeks” exhibition format, the Vienna-based artist placed six double-portraits in the form of photographs and video-works in a labyrinth-like exhibition space.

Thomas Albdorf worked for several years as a designer and art director before graduating in 2013 in Transmedia Artfrom from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His works have gone on show at numerous European exhibition venues, including in 2017 in Perfect Storm, NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf, and in 2018 in Recommended at Freie Akademie der Künste Hamburg and Fotografie Forum Frankfurt. Mirror Mirror in the “6 ½ Weeks” series is the first institutional solo show Thomas Albdorf has had in Germany.

Kick-off Event:
6:30 p.m. with Thomas Albdorf
Friday, 27 Sept 2019, 6:30 p.m.
Greeting by curator Thomas Seelig
Artist Talk with Thomas Albdorf

Afterwards in the foyer:
Drinks and music with Kai Suffa-Friedel

Participation is free.

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Thomas Albdorf
Flowers Were Waiting On The Balcony Of The Room, So Beautiful! 
from A Miss Is As Good As a Mile, 2018
Still from Video
© Thomas Albdorf / Webber Gallery, London

Thomas Albdorf
The Flawed Ones Were Cheaper
from A Miss Is As Good As a Mile, 2018
Performance, Musical, Recreation, Theatre / Adult, Spoof: Unlikely
© Thomas Albdorf / Webber Gallery, London