Conquering Space

Poster Design Kieser – Matthies – Rambow

30 January – 4 April, 2010

Günther Kieser (*1930), Holger Matthies (*1940) and Gunter Rambow (*1938) set the standards in poster art and shaped the development of creative poster design in Germany and beyond. Using pictorial objects made especially for the poster and with photos and photomontages of staged spaces conceived specifically for the poster enriches the design surfaces with a “striking depth”.  Use of typography also extended into the space and created a ‘virtual three-dimensionality”. Up to then spatiality was not considered poster-like, the surface was to be used two-dimensionally only. 

Kieser, Matthies and Rambow decisively expanded the formal language of the poster in their “conquering space” with this development always aiming to increase posters effectiveness in public space.

The exhibition unites these three designers in order to show how powerful a poster can be, how a density of visual information can increase the emotional effect of the poster in public space and thus allowing another sort of conquering space.