Dokumentarfotografie Förderpreise 12

Kasners, Kim, Klein, Steffens

19 June – 8 November 2020

NEW: Wüstenrot Stiftung Symposium to take place in a video format
In light of the current situation, the symposium on A Question of Perspective – On Transcultural and Networked Working Methods symposium scheduled to take place on 30 October will be held exclusively online and in a changed format. From 16-22 November, each day a lecture will be posted as a video on the Wüstenrot Stiftung’s YouTube channel. Speakers will include Cana Bilir-Meier, Hannah Darabi, Anna Ehrenstein, Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Gabriele Genge, Boaz Levin and María Inés Plaza Lazo. The symposium is part of the exhibition on Documentary Photography Support Awards 12. Kasners, Kim, Klein, Steffens, which will be on show thru 8 November in the basement floor of Museum Folkwang.

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A Question of Perspective – Transcultural and Networked Artistic Practices
A symposium of the Wüstenrot Stiftung on Dokumentarfotografie Förderpreise 12 at Museum Folkwang

In artistic production and exhibition making, non­ Western perspectives are becoming increasingly prominent. Photography is a particularly exciting medium for decon­structing rigid narratives. It is versatile in material terms  and photos can be circulated quickly and simply via digital channels. These factors have opened up multilayered forms of communication and a range of options for processing images. As a means of everyday communication and docu­mentation, photography is available to a diverse group of authors, who serve as a resource that can also be drawn on by artists.In this symposium, artists, curators, journalists, and researchers will set forth strategies and loci of presen­tation that focus on transcultural and networked artistic practices. The key questions addressed in the symposium are as follows: How can photography provide insights into different notions of culture and society? Which issues will be tackled and by whom? How can exhibitions and publica­tions of various kinds discuss global points of view? What forms of visual translation can be made use of and do these generate productive resistance? What are the limits of networked exchange involving multiple voices?

Museum Folkwang and the Wüstenrot Stiftung are showcasing the works of young artists that were produced as part of the Dokumentarfotografie Förderpreise 12. The four projects in question, namely DF12 - Nová Evropa by Christian Kasners, Paradise Complex by Jiwon Kim, Sunset by Jens Klein and Nexus by Joscha Steffens – all focus on contemporary issues of social relevance.

The Dokumentarfotografie Förderpreise 12 is the most significant distinction of its kind in Germany. It is aimed at photographers who address everyday topics and use contemporary tools to redefine the representational function of photography. The Wüstenrot Foundation has conferred the prizes every two years since 1994 in collaboration with the Departement of Photography of Museum Folkwang.

Joscha Steffens, Mystic (20, South Korea)
aus der Serie Nexus, 2019
C-Print, 40 × 30 cm
© Joscha Steffens / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn