Pidder Auberger

Photographies and Woodcuts

29 January 2011 – 3 April 2011

The Photographic Collection dedicates, for the first time, an extensive solo exhibition to Pidder Auberger (*1946). At its center is his abstract work. Coming from painting and drawing, he began working with photography in the 1970s and produced his first woodcuts and clichés-verre in the 1980s. Characteristic of Auberger’s work is an experimental approach to the media, which he extends unconventionally and combines. For instance, with the exposure montages, he combines three processes, such as photogram with camera photography and cliché-verre – a technique between photography and graphics. Motifs ranging from those which show a link to reality to those purely abstract are common to both his photography and his woodcutting. Auberger’s texts are absurd-humoristic explorations of certain issues concerning the media he uses.

The around 70 works presented include those from the holdings of the Photographic and Graphic Arts Collection, which were recently extended with a donation from Wolfgang Wittrock, Berlin, as well as loans from the artist’s studio.