Painted Movies

Posters by Renato Casaro

4 February – 15 April 2012

The German Poster Museum is presenting works by Renato Casaro, held to be the last great poster-maker, who influenced the international world of film posters for many decades.

Exceptional in his work is the careful application of his drafts on his poster. These “drafts” are generally carefully executed paintings which Casaro created as if they were independent works.

The exhibition shows around 70 posters and draft posters on certain film genres which Casaro worked on. Among these are, for example monumental films (The Last Emperor, 1989), mafia sages (Once Upon a Time in America, 1983) to name just a few. The exhibition provides examples of how a poster is created from the idea through sketches and paintings up to the resulting poster.

With the works of Casaro, the Museum Folkwang is starting a series focussing on film posters which will continue with further exhibitions in 2012 and 2013.