Forming Urbanity

Urban Development Culture

in Essen

16. 10. 2010 - 30. 1. 2011

The Museum Folkwang is taking the occasion of the metropolis project “Ruhr”, inspired by its founder Karl Ernst Osthaus, to present an exhibition in this Capital of Culture Year 2010 on urban development and architectural culture in Essen and the Ruhr Area. Forming Urbanity present the course of development of urban planning in the Ruhr Area in five historical steps and deals with the relation between planning and unplanned proliferation, between high-level structures and local decisions, what the most important decision makers did, their discussion, proposals, solutions and errors.

Since 1900, industrial land use and creating a functioning transport infrastructure have been among the central challenges for urban planning in the Ruhr Area. Closely tied to this is residential construction, which has increasingly had to take on social and cultural political functions as well in the rapidly densifying cities. A further important task was the creation of green and recreation areas as well as protecting the environment and nature. These urban planning fields (industry, transport, dwellings, environment/nature) are examined using Essen and other cities in the Ruhr Area as case studies

The exhibition is sponsored by the Kulturstiftung Essen

Already in May 2010 the Museum Folkwang, in cooperation with the KWI, organized the colloquium Forming Urbanity. Future Scenarios for the Cities of the Ruhr Area.
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