In the Contradiction of Possibilities

Contemporary art also focuses on the incessant optimisation of the Self, the loss of an inviolable body or its digital replacement with avatars as well as the inclusion of artificial intelligence in social decisions and the artistic process itself. Anna Uddenberg’s painfully twisted bodies in casual dress and with a rucksack hardly seem confident, but rather socially other-directed. The artist Josh Kline dismembers the body completely and places it in the different compartments of a janitor cart. In doing so, heightening the Efficiency of labour power comes to a metaphorical endpoint, while the drawing robot by Patrick Tresset in Goshka Macuga’s Before the Beginning and After the End incessantly makes it rounds for all eternity. Trevor Paglen’s works give us a premonition of what is to come; the artificial intelligence in them reflects the state of society in an unadorned way, and with all their contradictions and possibilities they are neither slogans nor solutions.

Tony Oursler
Fa\p0s, 2016
Hu•oP, 2016
Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art, Sweden, courtesy of the artist