The Sate as Megamachine Communism

“Technology decides everything” is Stalin’s slogan in the days of the Soviet Union’s five-year plans, which begin in 1928. Josef Stalin gives absolute political priority to the country’s industrialisation. Its implementation and the concurrent collectivisation of agriculture result in famines with millions of victims. At the same time, technology becomes the chief subject of political propaganda, which celebrates
the achievements of the industrialisation of the nation. The image of an industrialised Soviet Union is disseminated throughout the world on posters and in newspapers, books, brochures and films. With the doctrine of Socialist Realism in 1934, aesthetic design, which was previously relatively independent, was also subject to national regulations.

Georgi Petrusow
Soldaten der Roten Armee, um 1935
Galerie Alex Lachmann, Köln
© Alex Lachmann

Alexander Rodtschenko
Sports Parade, 1936
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019