Images of a Floating World

6 FEB – 15 MAY 2022

The jubilee year will kick off with a real exhibition highlight, namely Renoir, Monet, Gauguin – Images of a Floating World. The Kojiro Matsukata and Karl Ernst Osthaus collections. The major collection of Late Impressionist works from the Museum Folkwang will be presented in dialogue with the Kojiro Matsukata collection which is housed at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo. In this way, key paintings from the Japanese museum’s collection will go on show in Europe on a larger scale for the very first time since the 1950s. Thus, the famous composition On the Boat by Claude Monet or Paul Signac’s The Port of Saint-Tropez, which was part of the original Museum Folkwang collection, will be on view alongside Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Lise with a Parasol or Paul Gauguin’s The Girl with a Fan. By means of some 120 exhibits, the exhibition will visualize how Impressionism evolved from an art current initially viewed critically into a style that is today considered the very beginning of Modern art – a story told here by means of two outstanding and fascinating early 20th century collectors: Kojiro Matsukata and Karl Ernst Osthaus. Following the show in Essen, the National Museum of Western Art will present a second part of the show in Tokyo, entitled People and Nature.

Made possible by: RAG-Stiftung

Supported by: RWE

Paul Signac
Le port de Saint-Tropez, 1901/2
The Port of Saint-Tropez
Oil on Canvas, 131 x 161.5 cm
The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, former Museum Folkwang, Hagen/Essen

Claude Monet
Sur le batteau (Jeune filles en barque), 1887
On the boat (Young Girls in Row Boat)
Oil on canvas, 145,5 x 133.5 cm
The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo. Matsukata Collection