FAQs on safety and hygiene measures

What has the Museum for its part done to structure things after the re-opening?

  • It has introduced safety and hygiene measures for visitors during the Coronavirus pandemic. These are based on the regulations published by the Government of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the recommendations issued by the Robert Koch Institute, the German Museum Association, the Association of German Cities and the behavioural rules set out by BzGA, the Federal Centre for Health Education.

Is wearing a face mask mandatory?

  • Yes, it is mandatory that you wear a mask covering your mouth and nose while visiting the museum. We would kindly ask that you bring with you your own face mask which duly covers your mouth and nose.

Do special rules apply to museum visits?

  • Yes, the social distancing rules of at least 1.5 metres and the general hygiene rules both apply.

How is social distancing guaranteed?

  • Our personnel will regulate entry to the museum in an effort to avoid queuing; there are also markings on the floor to maintain social distancing
  • Limitation on the number of visitors at one time
  • Guided route through the museum assisted by personnel, floor markings and retractable belt barriers
  • Entrances and exits to the Collection and the exhibition zones are kept separate
  • A surface area of at least 7 sqm will be maintained per person

Is the number of visitors to the museum being regulated?

  • Yes, a fixed number of visitors per exhibition hall has been set.

Can I expect to have to wait?

  • The spacious exhibition areas and pathways inside the museums as well as the measures we have introduced are all destined to make certain social distancing rules are obeyed and to avoid any waiting times. We would ask that you please comply with any instructions from the museum personnel. Please use our online reservation system for time-slot tickets for the major Keith Haring exhibition (from 21 August onwards).

What hygiene methods is Museum Folkwang introducing?

  • Contact-free disinfection dispensers for disinfecting hands will be installed in the entrance area.
  • The ticket counter is screened by a glass pane.
  • The museum cleaning concept has been intensified: The intervals between surface cleaning / door-handle cleaning sessions have been reduced.
  • Special hygiene rules for the sanitary facilities:
    + Toilets at the main cloakroom: maximum 3 persons each (museum personnel will control entry)
    + Display panels with instruction on hand hygiene in the toilets.

How are visitors informed about the measures when inside Museum Folkwang?

  • Large video-screen in the lobby: Information on hygiene rules, mandatory use of facemasks, social distancing rules and all current information
  • Notices in all the key points where people encounter others, such as elevators, toilets, etc.: on display is information on entry restrictions and hygiene precautions
  • Stickers on the floor: recurrent information on social distancing rules

Will the opening hours be the same as before?

  • Yes, there will be no change in opening hours.

Will entrance remain free of charge?

  • Entrance to the Museum Folkwang Permanent Collection is free of charge on all opening days.

Is the café/restaurant now open?

  • Yes, our hospitality outlets are open during museum opening hours.

Is the bookstore open?

  • Yes, the bookstore will initially be open from 12 noon to 6 p.m. Entrance will be in line with the public regulations for retailing.

Is there a common room?

  • Yes, the reading room is open from Tues.-Fri. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Moreover, there is seating in the exhibition halls and in the lobby; it is for public use as long as social distancing regulations are obeyed.

Are the Garden Hall and the Basement open?

  • Yes, the Garden Hall and the Basement are both open for use.

Is the cloakroom open?

  • For hygiene reasons, the cloakroom can only accept bags and rucksacks. At your own risk you can hang coats and jackets in the self-service cloakroom, which is not supervised. Otherwise you will simply have to wear them in the exhibition areas.

Will there be audio-guides?

  • No, until further notice no audio-guides will be available. The Museum App can be downloaded free of charge to your personal Smartphone and can be used as audio-guide.

What additional measures will be put in place?

  • Lists will be at hand for you to enter your contact details voluntarily to be used if there is a need to identify and trace possible infection chains.