The Green Museum


Blumenwiese vor dem Museum Folkwang,
Foto: Museum Folkwang, Jens Nober, 2023

“In order to become a climate-friendly, net-zero-emissions museum, we need to invest in technological innovations and act responsibly both as regards museum operations and the mobility of our visitors. Part of our social responsibility centres on combining energy-intensive preservation of our cultural heritage, visitor-intensive museum operations, and international collaboration on trailblazing sustainability management – it is a task that we will square up to each day anew.”
— Prof. Peter Gorschlüter, Director, Museum Folkwang

The express goal of Museum Folkwang is to consistently and swiftly embark down the path to becoming a “Green Museum”, to actively advance climate protection, and to reduce our own carbon emissions to Net Zero. Between 2018 and 2023, Museum Folkwang took steps in seven different areas, implementing processing that are already significantly reducing the museum’s carbon footprint. Museum Folkwang is committed to protecting the planet as well as current and future lifeworlds.