We would like to welcome you most cordially to Museum Folkwang and wish you a pleasant stay in our museum.

The House Rules below are binding for all visitors to Museum Folkwang and for its employees. They also apply to all employees of firms who work for subcontractors commissioned to perform tasks in Museum Folkwang. By entering the museum building you consent to our rules and all other regulations put in place to maintain the safe operation of the museum.

Our prime concern in all instances is to protect persons and artworks in Museum Folkwang.

Entrance and guided tours

  • Entry to the permanent collection of Museum Folkwang is free of charge.
  • An entrance fee is charged for access to special exhibitions.
  • Please consult our ticket office staff, the ticket office information or the Museum Folkwang website to find out the entrance fees for special exhibitions as well as fees for guided tours and events in Museum.
  • The museum generally issues visitors with paper wristbands as a means of verifying their right to be there. Visitors shall affix these bands to their person or clothing at their own risk; the museum cannot accept any liability for them.
  • Staff at the ticket office hand out wristbands to visitors before the latter are allowed to enter the exhibition halls. Since we also issue wristbands as a means of collecting data on visitor statistics, wristbands are also issued for entry to all areas where admission is free.
  • Children under the age of ten may only visit the exhibition halls if accompanied by an adult.

Cloakroom items

  • We would ask you to leave larger bags (i.e., larger than an A4-sized sheet of paper), umbrellas, walking sticks, coats, jackets and backpacks in our cloakroom.
  • For security reasons items of clothing may not be draped over an arm.
  • Visitors are permitted to take smaller bags with them providing they are carried in your hand. The museum attendant has the final say in such matters.
  • We assume no liability for lost or damaged items.

Behaviour in the exhibition halls

  • We would ask you to behave in the museum such that other visitors do not feel disturbed or hindered.
  • You are not permitted to touch or enter exhibits. You must maintain a distance of at least 50cms to artworks. If you do not observe this distance your movement will trigger a silent alarm that informs security staff of the breach.
  • Should you cause damage to an artwork the museum attendant is entitled to take down their personal details.
  • Visitors are liable for all the damage they cause.
  • Please follow the instructions of our attendants at all times.
  • Supervising adults and legal guardians are responsible for the behaviour of the children and young people who accompany them.
  • Eating and drinking is not allowed in the museum.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the museum. Outside the museum smoking is allowed at those places where ash trays are installed. No smoking is allowed in the underground car park.
  • We would ask you to use the seating provided where you find it and not to move it.
  • Portable folding seats are available free of charge.
  • Notes and sketches may only be executed in pencil on paper.
  • Please note that the audio guides and group guidance systems provided by Museum Folkwang may only be used in the museum.
  • Persons who violate these House Rules or refuse to comply with the instructions of staff on repeated occasions may be asked to leave and may not be allowed to re-enter the buildings.

Filming, photography, mobile phones and audio devices

  • Photography and filming are only allowed in the permanent exhibition and then exclusively for private use. Flash photography is not permitted. Written permission must be obtained in advance from the museum management for all photographs, films or recordings not intended solely for private use.
  • We do not allow any photography or filming in the temporary exhibitions.
  • The use of selfie-sticks is not permitted.
  • Telephones must not be used in the exhibition halls.
  • Audio playback devices are not permitted on Museum Folkwang premises unless written permission has been obtained from the museum management.


  • With the exception of guide/assistance dogs, no animals are allowed on museum premises.

General information

  • For safety reasons video cameras are in operation in the exhibition halls.
  • The museum may be partly or completely closed to visitors if visitor numbers are too high or for any other pertinent reason.
  • Stairs, passages and escape routes shall be kept free for reasons of safety.
  • If the burglar alarm is triggered the management is entitled to close all the exits in order to perform a search of all persons in the museum.
  • Drugs must not be consumed on the premises of Museum Folkwang. Should this rule not be observed staff are entitled to immediately bar the persons involved from the museum and if necessary, have them removed.
  • You may not stay overnight on the premises of Museum Folkwang.
  • The museum remains closed to the general public outside the normal opening hours.

Data protection

Museum Folkwang attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and the preservation of people’s privacy. Insofar as data is collected, stored or processed during your visit this is done on the basis of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the German Telemedia Act (TMG) as well as other legal regulations.

The responsible body in the spirit of the German Federal Data Protection Act and other national data protection laws of the Member States as well as other data protection regulations is:

The City of Essen
represented by the Lord Mayor
Thomas Kufen
Rathaus, Porscheplatz
45121 Essen
Tel.: +49 201 88-0


Rathaus, Porscheplatz
45121 Essen
Tel.: +49 201 88 11005

Should you have any questions relating to data protection please contact the office of the data protection officer by e-mail or phone (, Tel.: 0201 88 11005.

Essen, 1 December 2021 (updated 23.03.2022)

Peter Gorschlüter
Director Museum Folkwang