Video Studio V: The Rythm Is…

Temporal Patterns in

moving images

29 November 2014 – 4 May 2015

Patrick Borchers, Klaus vom Bruch, Evelina Cajacob, Mohammad Ekhlasi, Boaz Kaizman / Erik Sick, Andreas Korte, Melanie Manchot, László Moholy-Nagy, Robert Olawuyi, Michal Rovner, Maximilian Schmötzer

The Video Studio at Museum Folkwang will be showing media artworks from the collection as well as loaned items to complement these as one chapter of the dis order exhibition. Many media artists not only create images, but work with the flow of time, cutting film images in succession and thereby developing rhythmical patterns in time. On the one hand, this may result in an ornament of the masses such as in the work Duracell Band by Klaus vom Bruch, which sees children marching in formation in a school yard. On the other, Melanie Manchot shows people rhythmically dancing across a square in the film Dance (All Night), Paris. There is little more to be heard than their footsteps, but we can guess that they are dancing a Waltz.

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