Anna Scherbyna


A video documentation Untitled (Maidan) was shot in December 2013. The artist passes through the crowd at Independence Square in Kyiv, also called Maidan, continually repeating the slogan “Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to Heroes!”, the most popular during the protest movement. The slogan’s history is related to the Ukrainian national liberation movements from 1919–22 and during the Second World War.

ANNA SCHERBYNA, *1988 *1988 in Zaporizhzhia, studied painting at the Grekov Odessa Art School and National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture in Kyiv. She is the co-founder of the Concrete Dates Collective (2015–17) and a member of the art group Iod (2013–15). She lives and works in Kyiv, where she works with the media of painting and drawing, video, installation. In her works, she appeals to the visual traditions of the Ukrainian school of painting using the methods of copying and repetition.


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Anna Scherbyna, Untitled (Maidan), 2013, 7’