The Museum Folkwang is deeply shocked by the developments in Israel and Gaza and the suffering of the Israeli and Palestinian civilian population on both sides. The Museum Folkwang advocates peace and dialogue between cultures. We firmly reject anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism as well as other forms of discrimination.

For some time now, cultural professionals and cultural institutions have been expected in public discourse to take a clear and unambiguous stance on specific and current political issues through their work. The resulting polarisation in the international art and culture sector, which has been further exacerbated by current developments in the Middle East conflict, has led to the cancellation of exhibitions, lectures, conferences and other events in Germany and internationally, and to artists, curators and academics being disinvited, including at the Museum Folkwang itself (WE ARE FUTURE). We take a self-critical view of the consequences of polarisation and are currently holding talks with artists and cultural professionals, cultural institutions and cultural policy-makers in order to counter the mistrust that has arisen. The Museum Folkwang is committed to further allowing democratic diversity of opinion, to avoid one-sided attributions, taking different perspectives into account and giving them visibility.