17. Feb 2022
03. Apr 2022


In 2015-2020, Belgian photographer Vincen Beeckman gave disposable cameras to a group of homeless people who live in and around Brussel’s main railway station. In formal terms, the 750 or so images that were produced are characterised by flashlight, drastic close-up shots, unusually cropped sections, and depict spontaneous scenes, selfies, moments of intoxication, and raw emotions. They are images of moments “amongst one another”. The exhibition shows a different, unbiased view of life under precarious living conditions from an insider perspective. There are no hierarchies here and members of the group take turns to don the roles of photographing or posing. The negotiating and shifting of inside and outside perspectives and questions of exclusion and belonging are key. The exhibition takes photographs of people from the centre of the city of Brussels and the “fringes of society” and places them centre stage.

The title “Les Cracks” according to Vincen Beeckman refers to a colloquial French expression similar to “champion” to express the strength and ability to live despite the precarious conditions the group faces. Together with René, Franck, Jackie, Patti, and Vincen about 30 images were selected for the exhibition. A four-page article documenting and reflecting on this process will appear in the art and homeless people’s newspaper Arts of the Working Class at the end of February.

Opening: 18 FEB, 6:30 p.m.

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Les Cracks & Vincen Beeckman

Les Cracks & Vincen Beeckman
o.T. (Cracks)
, 2015-2020