19. May 2012
15. Jul 2012

Drawing Stories

Narration in Contemporary Graphic Art

One trend in contemporary graphic arts of growing importance in the recent years is a turning to the principle of narration. At the same time, under the catchword "Storytelling", narration has become a central form of communication in other areas of social life as well. The exhibition Depicting Stories focuses on this significant current in art for the first time. It presents the contemporary work of 12 German and international artists who are among the most interesting exponents of a narrative drawing. In doing so, different forms of narrative are confronted with one another to illustrate the range and potential of this artistic position. Animated art films developed from drawings will also be presented.

Amy Cutler (*1974, US), Marcel Dzama (*1974, CAN), Marcel van Eeden (*1965, NL), Rachel Goodyear (*1978, UK), Jana Gunstheimer (*1974, D), Pia Linz (*1964, D), Micha Payer & Martin Gabriel (*1979, 1976, AUT), Jenny Perlin (*1970, US), Danica Phelps (*1971, US), Andreas Seltzer (*1943, D), Karen Scheper (*1963, D), Karen Yasinsky (*1965, US)

The exhibition is supported by the Kunststiftung NRW.

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