21. May 2022
07. Aug 2022

Folkwang and the City

Around the City of Essen

Where do we stand – almost 100 years aft er the founding of the Museum Folkwang in Essen – with regard to the participation of society in art? And how does art address central social issues of integration, cultural diversity, sustainability, globalisation, digitality, urban life and development? Do people come to the museum to find answers, or does the museum have to approach people and meet them where the questions arise in their immediate living environment? Together with initiatives, associations, communities and decision-makers, the Folkwang and the City project is dedicated to important future issues and the role of art and culture in current transformation processes. Accompanied by an extensive programme of events, the exhibition in Essen’s urban space around Berliner Platz presents site-specific art projects by international artists that bring a new cooperation between art and society to life and open up the museum to the city.

In collaboration with MAP Markus Ambach Projekte

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Folkwang und die Stadt
Eco-Village Berliner Platz

Eco Village Berliner Platz
im Rahmen von Folkwang und die Stadt
Katja Illner

Gabriela Oberkofler, Eco-Village, Berliner Platz

Gabriela Oberkofler
Eco-Village, Berliner Platz
Foto: MAP Markus Ambach Projekte

Jeremy Deller, St. Gertrud, Viehofer Platz

Jeremy Deller
St. Gertrud, Viehofer Platz
Foto: MAP Markus Ambach Projekte

Anouk Kruithof, Ehem. Club "Naked", Rottstraße 28

Anouk Kruithof
Ehem. Club "Naked", Rottstraße 28
Foto: Katja Illner