29. Jan 2011
03. Apr 2011

Jan Brokof

It was Lonely in the West

Jan Brokof works in various graphic forms that he extends innovatively. In doing so he links an interest in social problems with specific artistic questions.

In his woodcuttings, Jan Brokof surpasses the traditional limits of the medium. This is true both of the format and of its plastic extension to three-dimensional installations. For instance, Jan Brokof, who grew up in an apartment block estate, rebuilt his “childhood bedroom” in a scale of 1:1 and made woodcuttings of the furnishings. The artist is also interested in the question of the types of relations between the constructed static of such a neighborhood and the lives of its residents. In pencil drawings in A4 format he describes half real and half fictive scenes from the public and private lives in the quarter.

With his recent collages, Jan Brokof has brought political aspects more to the fore. The exhibition unites, for the first time, important works from all areas of Jan Brokof’s artistic activity. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Leonhardi-Museum, Dresden. For the exhibition, a catalogue and art book is published by Edition Folkwang/Steidl.

Sponsored by the Minister-President of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia