25. Feb 2012
29. Apr 2012

Man and His Objects

Photographic Collection

The exhibition Man and His Objects concentrates on portraiture, a central motif since the invention of photography and still of particular interest for the viewer today.

The focus of the exhibition is man, but it is also interested in the world of objects man conceived and constructed. Object and product photography arose at the same time as portrait photography and there are parallels in its formal language.

With exceptional examples, Man and His Objects presents a period in the history of photography in which Western society changed radically. With trains, cars and telephones, cinema and airplanes an unimaginable mobility developed, perception accelerated, our experience with images and their distribution changed.

The development of photography from the 19th century to today appears impressively before your eyes with around 250 examples from the Photographic Collection of the Museum Folkwang.

The exhibition is supportetd by the Stiftung Kunst, Kultur und Soziales der Sparda-Bank West.

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