21. Apr 2023
20. Aug 2023

Rafaël Rozendaal

Color, Code, Communication

Rafaël Rozendaal is one of the world’s best-known digital artists. Already in the early 2000s, he created, presented, and sold works in the form of websites. In his current NFT projects, he also creates references to art history, using generative technologies on the blockchain. Rozendaal’s works exist in multiple forms and locations: as immersive installations, in browser windows, as artist books, and in public spaces. Color, Code, Communication is the first major monographic NFT exhibition in a European museum and is accompanied by a symposium.

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Rafaël Rozendaal, Homage 61 (2022), NFT (on-chain.svg animation)

Rafaël Rozendaal
Homage 61 (2022)
NFT (on-chain.svg animation)