19. May 2012
15. Jun 2012

Static Movement

Film Installations of Darren Almond, David Claerbout and Anri Sala

The medium of film seems to be able to capture motion, but often stasis forms are part of film and movement. In this exhibition, film installations from the Museum collection are shown, complemented by new acquisitions and loans. The moving pictures push viewers to stop, and draw them into the play of motion and stasis.

In his installation In the Between (2006), Darren Almond (*1971) shows landscapes and cultures passing by while the camera travels by train from Beijing to Tibet. In contrast to this flow of images, the camera seem to slowly turn around people in David Claerbout’s (*1969) work The Algiers’ Sections of a Happy Moment (2008). The viewer’s gaze switches from a close-up of the old town of Algiers to the Mediterranean in the distance. In his film Tlateloco Clash (2011), the Albanian artist Anri Sala (*1974) puts together a piece of music, played on a barrel organ with a number of interruptions. Against the background of Mexico City, a song by the punk group The Clash develops with the important question in its title: Should I stay or should I go?