25. Aug 2012
21. Oct 2012

Whole Parts

Friedemann von Stockhausen
Graphics Collection

With Friedemann von Stockhausen, the Graphics Collection presents an artist living in Berlin who has devoted himself to the medium of drawing in a special manner. His works on paper are characterized by an innovative use of diverse graphical techniques through to collage. In terms of style the drawings, produced directly and without preparatory sketches, are somewhere between a totally free design and the appearance of biomorphic elements.

In Stockhausen’s works manifestations from early stages of evolution, the organic in its deformations and metamorphoses, form a morphology of the human body. The quality of personal likeness is lost in individual, independent forms from which new disconcerting, solid elements arise. At the centre of the exhibition stands a piece of great presence, 63 Whole Parts, whose dimensions go far beyond the drawings Friedemann von Stockhausen previously produced and was realized especially for this exhibition.

A special edition artist’s book will be published to accompany the exhibition.