Fantastic Little Splash

ARMED AND HAPPY, 2019, 5'56''

Armed and Happy explores common emotional accents in virtual practices – from unpacking goods, sports, and political events to weapons exercises – in an attempt to notice patterns of behaviour that become part of everyday life even though they were previously unacceptable.

FANTASTIC LITTLE SPLASH is a collective consisting of journalist and artist Lera Malchenko and artist and director Oleksandr Hants that combines art practice and media studies. They are interested in utopias and dystopia, the collective imagination and its incarnations, projections, delusions and uncertainties. Established in 2016, their projects have been exhibited at The Wrong Biennale, Plokta TV, post (MoMA), the POCHEN Biennale, the Construction festival VI x CYNETART, KISFF, and Docudays, among others. The collective is based in Ukraine.


Fantastic Little Splash
Armed and Happy, 2019, 5'56''
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