The app as an audio guide

Download the APP of the Museum Folkwang already at home to get in the mood for the EXPRESSIONISTS AT THE FOLKWANG.

The exhibition Expressionists at the Folkwang is integrated into the Museum Folkwang APP and provides an informative and varied introduction in German and English to the changing connections between the artists of Expressionism and the Museum Folkwang. The APP highlights the collection and exhibition events surrounding this art movement with 15 new audio tracks, recorded by actor and dubbing artist Rafael Banasik.

The free app can be used before, during and after a museum visit.

Rental devices and associated headphones are available in limited quantities at the museum counter for a fee of 4 euros. We recommend that you download the Museum Folkwang APP onto your smartphone while still at home and bring your own in-ear headphones.

In collaboration with Fresh Museum