Museum Folkwang presents works by artist Katarína Dubovská from 5 May

From 5 May to 25 June 2023, Museum Folkwang is showing an exhibition by the artist Katarína Dubovská (*1989) in its 6 ½ Weeks series. The artist's work is dedicated to the theme of sustainability and focuses on the interconnectedness of people and the environment. The opening will take place on Thursday, 4 May, at 6:30 pm in the presence of the artist.

Katarína Dubovská (*1989 in Ružomberok, Slovakia) deals with the effects of the visual and material flood of images in the digital age and translates them into the sculptural. The artist was a master student at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig from 2018 to 2020, where she lives and works. In 2019, she received a Master of Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland. Drawing on her personal archive of images, she addresses ecological questions about sustainability and circulating resources. Within her post-photographic practice, she acts as a researcher when experimenting with different processes of material dissolution of visual material. She disassembles it back into its component parts and recycles it; creating sculptural forms or extracting luminous liquids from it. The objects are the result of a performative dialogue between the artist and the material, which creates new fluid categories and focuses on the intertwining of people and the environment.

A scaffolding spans the exhibition space. The installation Intertwined Conditions / 3 by Katarína Dubovská pushes away from the walls and defines the space in all directions. The construction forms the simultaneously static and permeable frame for objects that are placed as if randomly scattered around the room: Canisters with different coloured liquids, paper objects that resemble boulders and screens. These screens are accompanied by technoid sounds and show processes of crushing, tearing and processing of haptic and digital image material.

Intertwined Conditions / 3 resembles a series of experiments that can be changed and adapted again and again by the artist. This offers various possibilities that can be endlessly expanded. The work appears as if in a process and, through its fragmentary aesthetics, becomes an inventory of our present. A present in which categories are constantly changing and interwoven conditions mean that nothing has a fixed state.

The exhibition format 6 ½ Weeks is based on short-term planning and offers young artists the opportunity to present their works at the Museum Folkwang. It opens up the space for artistic and curatorial experiments and enables visitors to discover as yet unknown artists from different countries. 

6 ½ Weeks is sponsored by the Stiftung Kunst, Kultur und Soziales der Sparda-Bank West.

6 ½ Weeks
Katarína Dubovská
Intertwined Conditions / 3
5 May – 25 June 2023
Admission free

Thu, 4 May 2023, 18:30 p.m. 
6:30 p.m.: Katarína Dubovská

Prof. Peter Gorschlüter
Vera Pues, Foundation Manager, Foundation for Art, Culture and Social Affairs of Sparda-Bank West
Anna Brohm, curator of the exhibition, in conversation with Katarína Dubovská

From 8.30 p.m. MODULAR concert and DJ set as part of Kleiner Freitag organised by Junger Kunstring Folkwang, in cooperation with Gitter Rave

Katarína Dubovská
Cluster #4393, 2020
compacted image fragments from printed matter, PVC film, epoxy resin, 48,5 x 80 x 56 cm
© Katarína Dubovská and ASPN, Leipzig 

Katarína Dubovská, Cluster #4393, 2020

Katarína Dubovská
Cluster #4393, 2020
© Katarína Dubovská und ASPN, Leipzig