Ruhrtriennale 2024 with two productions at Museum Folkwang


Y – Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Rosas)
17. AUG 8. SEPT

A commission by the Ruhrtriennale in co-production with the Museum Folkwang

Dance as an exhibition
Inspired by works of art from the collection of the Museum Folkwang in Essen, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker explores the power of questions. The title stands for the question "Why?". The choreographer looks at artists such as Édouard Manet, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko and Caspar David Friedrich to examine the tension between figuration and abstraction through the lens of the human body. The audience can follow the dancers freely around the space.

From Thursday 2 May at 10 a.m., anyone interested will once again have the chance to buy a ticket.

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More information and the Ruhrtriennale ticket shop can be found here


One One OneIoannis Mandafounis / Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company
12. 15. SEPT

Dance conquers the public space
From 12 September, the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company presents another dance special at the Museum Folkwang. With ONE ONE ONE, the performers want to give the audience an intense and personal dance experience. The dancers absorb the emotions of the audience, translate them into movements and send them back to the sender. This creates a special relationship between the dancers and the audience. All they need are two imaginary lines on the floor and two chairs on which two spectators can sit.

A production by ++ 1, Prairie - Migros Cultural Percentage, Tanzfest 2015

Free admission

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Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Némo

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Némo Flouret
Rosas, Forêt, Louvre Paris
© Foto: Anne Van Aerschot